Product Name : Forging Processing
Product Introduction

Forging is divided into hot, cold and warm forging.

Forgings have good physical properties, high strength, and good toughness, which can change the metal structure and improve mechanical properties. This method is very suitable for the production of parts that have special shapes and need to bear large dynamic loads. With the help of CNC lathes and CNC milling machines, it can realize stable dimensional control based on product requirements, whether in terms of grooving, drilling, reaming, tapping, grinding, etc., thus maximizing the value of the products. As a top forgings manufacturer with professional manufacturing technology and processing experience as well as numerous experienced engineers and technicians, Jinholly offers the most suitable production conditions and stable custom metal forging services to help clients solve any manufacturing problems. With no doubt, we are your ideal custom metal forging choice.

Custom Metal Forging Manufacturer

Advantages of forging:

  • Compared with other mechanical processing, forging makes the products have finer grain structure and reduces internal defects such as pores.
  • Continuous grain flow can be generated to form a mechanical fibrosis state, so the material can obtain the maximum directional strength, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, and other excellent mechanical properties.
  • When processing parts with complicated shapes, this method is more economical than mechanical processing. Besides, it is suitable for mass production and can reduce the cost of workpieces.

In addition to custom metal forging services, Jinholly also provides other custom metal shaping services. Our aim is to solve customers' metal machining demand by offering the highest quality of services. With our production facilities, we are able to produce the highest quality products at the lowest prices and provide professional services with excellent quality and reasonable prices. We sincerely welcome friends from home and abroad to contact us, either through establishing business relationships or working together to achieve mutual benefits.

With extensive experience and advanced manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer the best quality and most affordable prices. Our commitment is to provide clients with the best quality and the most perfect service.

Sincerely welcome relevant buyers from all over the world to visit and cooperate.

OEM / ODM Solution

Select appropriate processing methods for clients to help them reduce costs, achieve high efficiency, and high-quality service.

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