Motor Connector
The seemingly simple and easy-to-make connector is unexpectedly an important part of the auto generator. The client has been troubled by the production capacity and cost of it for a long time. The original method of dewaxing is not only slow but also requires turning to achieve the tolerance accuracy of 0.1mm. As a result, the delivery time cannot be shortened and the price cannot be lower.
Hand Tool
Jinholly not only provides clients with high-quality products but also assists them in developing new products in the ODM aspect. Taking the following example as an example, the workpiece is a core part of the nail gun, as the original process adopts lost wax casting, it needs to be processed on a variety of places, quite complicated, resulting in high cost and unable to meet clients' production capacity.
Bell Housing
The diversity of manufacturing methods has created the core competence of Jinholly and has become one of the important reasons why many clients choose Jinholly.

OEM / ODM Solution

Select appropriate processing methods for clients to help them reduce costs, achieve high efficiency, and high-quality service.

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